Summit Speakers

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Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin

Alexandrina has worked at Google for 6+ years and is presently a Customer Engineer on the Google Cloud Public Sector team where she is focusing on exploring using IoT, Machine Learning, and Big Data cloud technology to help Government organizations solve challenges in areas of sustainability. Some of her present areas of interest are smart buildings, regenerative cities, public utilities, city public data, and IoT in permaculture and ecobuilding.

Alexander Skidanov

Alex is a co-founder of Near Protocol. Alex started his career at Microsoft in 2009, which he left to join MemSQL as the engineer #1 in 2011. At MemSQL Alex was driving the initial sharding implementation, as well as several other core engine components.

Chris McCann

Chris McCann is a General Partner at Proof of Capital, blockchain and data focused venture capital fund. Chris was previously an early investor in 0x, Binance, Solana, Republic Protocol and advisor to the HTC Exodus (world first blockchain phone) & Dekrypt Capital. He also founded RelayNode, which is one of the largest newsletters in the blockchain community covering events and research.

Formerly, Chris started and led the community program at Greylock Partners, a San Francisco based venture capital firm with $3.5 billion under management, that is also an investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Coinbase, etc. Before he joined the firm, he was the co-founder of StartupDigest (acquired by Techstars), and was an early advisor for the Thiel Fellowship & StartX at Stanford University.

David Cavazos

David is a Developer Programs Engineer for Google Cloud BigData and Machine Learning. He is interested in the use of these technologies to have a more sustainable future. He is currently exploring land cover classification, palm oil land cover changes, predictive maintenance for public utilities, sustainable building materials and techniques, and a permaculture plant database.

Hong-yuan Lee

Hong-Yuan Lee is Professor of Hydraulic Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University. He is former Minister of the Interior of Taiwan, Republic of China, serving from 2012 until 2014. He also is the former Taiwan Minister of the Public Construction Commission and Deputy Magistrate of Taipei County, Taiwan. In addition, he is Visiting Professor of UNESCO-IHE, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, and Hohai University. He served as Commissioner of the Water Resources Department of the Taiwan Provincial Government from 1997-1999.

Recipient of two degrees from the University of Iowa (MS 1982, PhD 1984 in Civil and Environmental Engineering), Dr. Lee has been engaged in advising and project implementation and consultancy in the fields of water engineering for many organizations globally. In the past 22 years, he has devoted himself to the promotion of sustainable development. Dr. Lee has gained international experience of case exploration and management in the area of water, environment, and urban infrastructure constitution. In 1996, the year in which Taiwan was hit by the typhoon Herb, Dr. Lee published his viewpoint against the inappropriate hydraulic policy of Taiwan. His incisive analysis won the appreciation of Song Chuyu, then Governor of Taiwan Province. Dr. Lee later was appointed to be the first Commissioner of the Water Resources Department of Taiwan Province.

Lily Mei

Mayor Lily Mei grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the Drexel University. Her diverse professional experience includes over 20 years in competitive analysis, product and channel management, supply chain practices and serving as a worldwide sales operations controller. Most recently she led a global high-technology trade association representing industry leaders to develop best practices to advance intellectual property protection.

At the state level, Mayor Mei was the President of the Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association (APISBMA) for California. During her tenure, Mayor Mei worked to ensure APISBMA’s active participation on California School Board Association’s Council of Presidents to strengthen their partnership with ethnic school board member associations statewide. Regionally in the Bay area, Mayor Mei was elected by surrounding local school districts to two terms as a Delegate Assembly member for Region 7 which represents Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Mo Dong

Dr. Mo Dong is the co-founder of Celer Network. Graduated with a Ph.D. from UIUC, Dr. Mo Dong has been applying his research and engineer experience on networking protocol design, distributed systems, formal verification and Game Theory to scalability challenges of blockchain systems. Dr. Dong led projects revolutionizing Internet TCP and improved cross-continental data transfer speed by 10X to 100X with non-regret learning algorithms. His work was published in top conferences, won Internet2 Innovative Application Award and being adopted by major Internet content and service providers. Also, he has been teaching full-stack smart contract courses to Chinese developer community with 500 students graduated. His technical blogs and videos on blockchain have over 9000 subscribers.

Qi Zhou

Dr. Qi Zhou is the Founder and CEO of QuarkChain. Qi Zhou received his PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Qi Zhou was a former software engineerer at Google, Facebook, and DSSD, a unicore acquired by EMC. Qi Zhou has extensive experience in high-performance and distriburbed systems. He was a key engineer in a billion-dollar project, designed and implemented high-performance atomic transactions across multiple nodes, and improves the key performance of the systems by 10X. Qi Zhou is a blockchain enthusiast. He published more than 10 articles in a wide-range of blockchain topics including blockchain sharding, multi-native tokens, hardware-resistent hash algorithms, proof of staked work, and hashpower reuse technique.

Raj Jain

Raj Jain is the Barbara J. and Jerome R. Cox, Jr., Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, he was one of the Cofounders of Nayna Networks, Inc - a next-generation telecommunications systems company in San Jose, CA. Dr. Jain has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and computer science from Harvard University. He is a Fellow of IEEE, ACM, AAAS, and Academy of Science St. Louis. He is the recipient of 2017 ACM SIGCOMM award and numerous other awards. With 30,000+ citations according to Google Scholar, he is one of the most cited authors in computer science. Further information is at http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~jain/

Tomas Pfister

Tomas Pfister is a Research Lead at Google Cloud AI. He came to Google from Apple where he cofounded Apple's new central research group for Artificial Intelligence. He published Apple’s first research paper and won the Best Paper Award at CVPR, one of the most prestigious awards in AI. Tomas’ key scientific achievements have been proposing a method to improve the realism of synthetic images; developing the first automated method to detect facial micro-expressions; and inventing a new way for neural networks to exploit spatiotemporal structure. His research has laid the foundation for several applications such as Face ID in iPhone X, autonomous driving, human pose estimation, detecting facial micro-expressions & translating sign language. Tomas did his PhD in deep learning with Prof Andrew Zisserman at Oxford University and bachelor’s degree in computer science at Cambridge University. He is the recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30 award, and has received over 40 research awards, including 3 best paper awards, with numerous publications in top AI research venues. His work has been frequently featured in mainstream media, including Forbes, BusinessInsider & Wired, as well as in Apple's inaugural Machine Learning Journal post.

Yao Meng

Yao Meng is the CEO / Co-founder of Trade Terminal. Dabbled in bitcoin and digital assets since 2011, mining farm owner in 2012, ASIC miner supplier in 2013, HFT and Algorithmic trader since 2014.

Wei-Tek Tsai

(Chinese version)
国家特聘专家,北航博导,麻省理工学院学士,加州大学伯克利分校计算机科学专业博士,在美国明尼苏大大学和亚利桑那州立大学教育研究30年。 英国伦敦大学学院区块链研究中心科学顾问,天德科技首席科学家,国家大数据(贵州)综合实验区区块链互联网实验室主任,赛迪(青岛)区块链研究院名誉院长, 任多个政府和公司顾问。论文585+篇,著作6本,论文引用过万次, h-index>54。
(English version)
Wei-Tek Tsai is currently Professor at Beihang University, Beijing, China. He is also Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA. He received his S.B. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA in 1979, and Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from University of California at Berkeley in 1982 and 1986 respectively. He has worked in software engineering, computer networks, service computing, and blockchains. Currently, Honorable Chair, MIIT CCID Blockchain Research Center, Qingdao, China, 2017-2020; Chief Scientist, Blockchain Ecosystem Alliance; Scientific Adviser of UCL CBT (Center for Blockchain Technology); Director of Digital Society & Blockchain Laboratory, Beihang University, 2015-present.